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Meet the Maker: Tigerwolf Studios

We are so excited to share our first official "Meet the Maker" blog post, and have a wonderful first-time Sun & Sea Vendor sharing a bit about her business with us.

Meet our friend Shannon, the artist behind Tigerwolf Studios..

How did the idea for Tiger Wolf Studios come about?

I have been an artist my entire life. Drawing was an immediate passion of mine, I mean early elementary school days. I created works for art shows, murals, and custom art all through my school years. When Instagram started to become a popular outlet for promoting businesses, I saw that as an opportunity to showcase my art in a popular space. 

What inspires your work?

I have always been inspired by fashion. I was a womens wear fashion designer for 10 years before covid hit.

Despite that chapter closing a few years ago, my love for exquisite designs never wavered. With this passion, I transitioned into fashion illustration and creating custom art for clients.

Can you tell us about your process of creating your products?

I specialize in custom portraits, mainly using markers and colored pencils for some illustrations, and acrylic paints for others. I draw inspiration from both styles. To begin, I need a photograph to work from. My marker illustrations have a bit of a relaxed feel, aiming to capture the essence of the subject. However, my paintings tend to lean towards realism, as I strive to replicate every detail as closely as possible.

I also offer a wide range of popular items, including princess fashion style prints, coloring pages, and custom invitations. 

I love being diverse and creating an array of products. Providing variety helps me reach different people and allows me to create what they really want or need. 

Tell us about your creative workspace! 

Oh how I wish I had my own design studio, but most days, you'll find me at my kitchen island or my kids' art table, with both of my little ones drawing alongside me. It brings me immense joy to share my passion with them, and to be able to work while they create beside me. 

What does a typical day in the “office” (studio, etc) look like for you?

I find joy in creating new digital designs on my iPad, even if my art time is limited. Typically, I'll spend some time drawing while on the couch ( and with my kids cuddled up beside me of course.) If I have a custom project lined up, I'll set aside 1-2 hours a day to complete it. Although I'm primarily a stay-at-home mom, I dedicate myself daily to nurturing and expanding my art business.

When you are not working, how do you spend your time in the South Bay?

I've grown to appreciate my time at the gym, something I never thought I'd say. And more specifically, I have a new passion for boxing class which has become my go-to for a much-needed release. Whenever I can, I also try to play beach volleyball! It's definitely one of my favorite hobbies!

What does a perfect South Bay day look like for you?

Definitely spending time with my family and friends. Whether it's a day at the beach or a night out on the pier. Our family loves the beach life, and we try to take advantage of living in this amazing city any chance we can. 

Is there anything new you are working on or anything you would like to highlight that you’re bringing to Sun & Sea?

I'm so excited to be offering LIVE digital drawings at this event! A quick fashion style portrait that can be a queepsake for years! I'll be drawing at the event and printing the pieces out for people to take home with them the day of! Be sure to stop by my booth early so you can grab your portrait on the way out

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